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United Methodist Men

A creative, supportive fellowship of men who seek to know Jesus Christ seek daily his will.

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United Methodist Women

The largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members

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HIV/AIDS Ministry

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago is a local and national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Welcome to the Faith Family!  The people of the Faith United Methodist Church are a part of Christ’s church universal.  We believe that all people are persons of sacred worth, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or economic condition; and we welcome everyone to attend our church, receive Holy Communion, be baptized and admitted into membership.  The heart of our Christian faith is Christ’s ministry of outreaching love.  We are called to minister wherever Christ would have us work to heal and free others through the revelation of His work of salvation on the cross.  We believe in God’s grace, which means the unearned and loving action of God in our daily lives.  In spite of suffering violence and evil in the world, we assert that God’s grace exists everywhere.  Despite any circumstances, we remain creatures brought to life by a just and loving God.  We believe the reign of God is both a present and a future reality.  Because of these beliefs we remain committed to the struggle for peace and justice for all people and work for a world where people are judged by the content of their character and not any other measure of the human condition.

We invite you to our Morning Worship – Sundays at 11am & Bible Study – Wednesdays at 7pm.

In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Charles M. Straight


SUMMER MEAL PROGRAM – Kids 18 & Under Eat Free:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday / Noon – 1:30pm

June  17th, 8am to 2pm — First Annual Sidewalk Sale: We are accepting gently used items to sale. Spring clean and donate gently used items to the church. Donations are accepted Mondays and Wednesdays from 2pm-6pm or Sundays immediately after worship service May 8- June 10.  Please see a trustee for details.

June 25th – The NAACP and their Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative will be videotaping our Worship Service and we need you. Please arrive ten minutes early and be seated in the first 5 rows of the santuary. Be a part of history and support this social justice initiative.

June 27th @ 7pm — Church Council Meeting

July 30th — Men’s Day (details and time to come)

The Faith Seniors On The Move would like to thank Rev. Straight for our trip to Springfield for the budget rally. We had a marvelous time and were happy to be there to support our pastor in his participation.

We are here to minister to you in any crisis. If you experience the death of a loved one, illness, hospitalization or emotional distress or disaster, please call the church office.

Please take a moment to advise Mrs. Genice Gage if your name or names you have submitted for prayer may be removed from the bulletin prayer list.

Church Family: Bishop Sally Dyck; Rev. Charles M. Straight ; The Northern Illinois Conference and its Leaders; Rev. Jacques Conway; Debra Burt Frazier & Son; Ruby Clarke; Donte’ Dixon; Neomia Dudley; Theodora Carmichael; Church Finances; Isaac & Annie Chatman; Charles Gage; Ernestine Golden; Ruthie & Eddie Hurst; Joyce Johnson; Catherine Jones; Lolly Lewis; The Mosely Family; Darlene Newberry; The Lemons Family; Donna Perkins-Mitchell; Herman Moore & Family; Florence Mudge; The Ruff Family; Brenda Sandifer; Melvin Simms & Family; Jesse Smith; Kimberly Turner & Gladys Ware

Family & Friends: Victor Aweke; T.J. Bell; Jesse Brunt; Alicia Davis; Joyce Davis; Brontice Ford, Tyler Froats; Mauthier Holloway; Myra J.; Phillip Jasper; Steve Jones; Sherry Mudge; Sue Morril Shanahan; Reggie Overstreet; Mildred Owens; Kat Potts; James Scott Rhein (Son of Frank & Joanne Rhein); Jonah Robinson; Laura Robinson; Catherine Rogers (Mother of Mayor Rogers); Ron Stevens; Diane Rodman (Friends of Florence Mudge); Marilyn Valette (Sister-in-law of Eileen Meyers); Madeline Vis (Cousin of JoAnn Rhein); Hank Watson; Michael Gindl (Son-in-law of Dennis Johnson; Marlo McConico; Walter Smith & Theresa Wright (Sister of Beverly Mason)


Join Pastor Charles M. Straight Every Wednesday from 7pm — 8pm 

Our partner in ministry, Respond Now, is in need of gently used pots and pans for their housing clients. If you are able to help, please bring your donations to the church. They will be picked up by Respond Now staff.


Faith UMC Family & Friends, the lights throughout our church are in dire need of being replaced.  Over 75% of the fixtures no longer work properly.  Unfortunately, this project can no longer be put off.  Even when new bulbs are installed, a number of the lights flicker constantly and others won’t come on at all.  Additionally, these fixtures are outdated and fail to meet ANY energy efficiency standards.  We must replace the lights or be in darkness.

The total cost including parts and labor is $7500.  Our plan is to have the work completed by December 31, 2017.  This will require 2 phases.  The first phase is the ACQUISITION PHASE.  We need to purchase all of the fixtures at the same time to receive a discount.  This phase will be $4200.  If 20 people give $35 per month for 6 months or 40 people give $17.50 per month, we will reach our goal for Phase I by June.

The next phase will be the INSTALLATION PHASE.  With your donations, by July, we will have all of the new fixtures and will need $3300 for labor.  Thank God, the contractor has agreed to start the work with good faith.  During PHASE II, we will need 20 people to give $27.50 per month or 40 people to give $13.75 per month for 6 months.

As you can see, we have given this a lot of thought.  As much as we need the lights repaired, we must continue to support our outreach ministry and cover other operations expenses with funds above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings.  Please email us your commitment phase and amount.  As the project progresses, we will keep you apprised of the results.  

We believe our members and friends will commit to this project.  We are thanking God in advance and we hope you will join us next year for the unveiling.  “Let There Be Light!”

Rev. Charles M. Straight